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Concrete Driveway Extension


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Concrete Driveway Extension

Dave B Concrete specializes in concrete driveway extensions for Port St. Lucie and surrounding neighborhoods such as Fort Pierce, Traditions, Lakewood Park, Vero Beach, Sebastian, and many more. Our driveway replacement professionals are experts in installing driveways of all styles and for both residential and commercial purposes.

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Concrete Driveway Extensions

Dave B Concrete is the most trusted concrete provider in St. Lucie & Indian River County for concrete driveway extensions.


Are you looking for more space to park a car, boat or RV? Tired of playing musical cars in the morning? Learn about how you can add to your driveway. There are many reasons people seek driveway extensions. 

  • Multiple vehicles parked in the driveway forcing cars to park on the street.

  • An addition of a Boat to the driveway.

  • RV parking on a driveway. 

  • Purchasing new vehicles or a larger vehicle such as a truck or trailer. 

It is inconvenient to have to shuffle around cars when you're leaving the house, especially if you are in a rush! A driveway extension can easily fix that for you. Especially if you have recently added another vehicle or boat to the mix!

Dave B. Concrete offers a variety of concrete driveway extensions. Check out our different designs below! Scroll down to find what you're looking for or click the links below to immediately be taken there.

Circular Driveway Extensions

Custom Driveway Extensions

Include a Walkway to Your Driveway Extension

Investing in a concrete extension to your driveway will not only add a safe alternative to park your vehicles but will add property value to your home. If you are considering a driveway extension in St.Lucie County & Indian River County, it is critical to work with a professional concrete contractor who takes into account all of the functional elements required to build a concrete driveway extension that will last for years. 

Circular Concrete Driveway Extension


Circular Concrete Driveway Extension

Circular Driveway Extensions are popular in South Florida because you don't have to back out onto busy roads. This makes for a safer option for your family. When we come out to do a quote there are multiple ways to add a circular driveway on your property. We can attach to your current concrete or paver driveway.  We can also expand your current driveway while adding the circular driveway making room for a spot for you to park a boat or RV. With a circular driveway extension, you can easily plan on adding 4+ parking spots to your existing driveway.

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Concrete Driveway Extension

Custom Concrete Driveway Extension


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Custom Concrete Driveway Extension

Custom Concrete Driveway Extensions

Dave B Concrete specializes in custom concrete driveway extensions. Each home is unique and requires its own driveway extension design. Many factors come into play when planing your driveway extension. 

Things we take into consideration:

  • The number of cars you are trying to accommodate. 

  • Garden, Tress and shrubs around the driveway.

  • Additions of walkways leading to home or around the side of the house.

  • Nearby Gates and Fence locations.

  • Plumbing and Drainage.

  • Height and location of driveway.

When you get choose Dave B Concrete for a concrete driveway extension we will work with you to find out what would suit your family best.