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Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slab installation

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Concrete Slabs

Dave B Concrete specializes in concrete slabs for Port St. Lucie and surrounding neighborhoods such as Fort Pierce, Traditions, Lakewood Park, Vero Beach, Sebastian, and many more. Our concrete slab professionals are experts in installing patios of all styles and for both residential and commercial purposes.

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Concrete Slab Installation

Dave B Concrete is the most trusted provider in the Treasure Coast for concrete slab installations.

Concrete slab foundations are usually required for sheds and swim spas. Dave B Concrete has to consider many things when installing a concrete slab.


What is this slab going to be used for?


If a swim spa or jacuzzi is going to be placed on the concrete slab, weight requirements go into planning the design and structure of the concrete slab.  It is imperative that a concrete slab is perfectly leveled when housing these items.


If a shed is going to be placed on the concrete slab we have to take into consideration the distance to the house and surround property lines before finding a location for the concrete slab. 

Concrete slabs can be used for an assortment of reasons. If you are considering adding a concrete slab to your property in St.Lucie County & Indian River County, it is critical to work with a professional concrete provider who takes into account all of the functional elements required to build a new concrete slab that will last for years. 

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